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Tanya believes the primary goal of public education is to holistically prepare all students to thrive in college, career and life. To that end, Tanya has spent her entire career working closely with hundreds of educators and administrators at dozens of schools across Los Angeles to improve teaching and learning for thousands of students. From lesson planning and high-quality instruction to classroom climate and school culture, Tanya has supported educators to challenge students to meet high expectations with the support necessary to reach their goals. 


As a board member, Tanya will ensure every decision puts our students at the center-- especially our Black, Latinx, low-income, LGBTQ, English Language Learners and special education students from early childhood through adult education -- to be fully prepared in college, career and life. During distance learning, this includes 100% of students having a working device and stable internet connection to participate in school. Full preparation also includes athletics and the arts, as well as opportunities to practice leadership and career skills.


Tanya is committed to implementing responsible and equitable budget solutions that prioritize our highest-need communities so all students and schools get what they need to succeed. Although the California Constitution guarantees all students the right to equal opportunity of education, many students have yet to see that right fully protected, in large part because of insufficient resources. Tanya supports students having an established legal right to a high-quality education that includes adequate and equitable resources to realize that right.


Tanya will aggressively seek local, state, federal, and philanthropic funding in collaboration with government, business and community partners.This is why she actively supports Proposition 15, the Schools and Communities First ballot initiative, and the Student Equity Needs Index (SENI 2.0), a community-driven formula that equitably allocates supplemental and concentration grants from the state’s funding. Tanya knows the district must consider all options for stabilizing the budget long-term, including district real estate options, creative campus configurations, and benefit choices for new employees.


As someone who has been both a teacher and an advocate, Tanya knows the importance of elevating the voices of students, families, educators and school staff so important decisions are made by those closest to kids and classrooms. She will conduct on-going and authentic community engagement conversations including listening sessions, advisory boards, LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan / Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan) input sessions and informal opportunities to dialogue so that decisions reflect the priorities and values of each unique school community.


Most immediately, family, student and community voice must be included in re-opening plans. As board member, Tanya will prioritize reciprocal learning between schools and families to build shared understanding, reduce bias, and improve student outcomes. 


Given today’s COVID-19 pandemic and community uprising for racial justice, Tanya knows school safety and anti-racism must be at the forefront of the board’s agenda. She understands student safety is physical, emotional and intellectual and will support policy and staffing decisions to reflect this holistic understanding. She will prioritize resourcing culturally and linguistically responsive and relevant curriculum, pedagogy, and environments.


As schools prepare to bring more staff and eventually students on campus, Tanya will balance the needs for safety, choice and justice. Staff, families and students must be given the choice to participate in learning on-campus as soon as it is safe to do so, prioritizing students with special needs, English learners and our youngest students. Tanya supports a vision of LA Unified schools where Black lives matter, and all students are loved, respected, and prepared to lead us into a better future.



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